Your Teachers


Kelsi Ludvigsen

Born in Switzerland and raised in Belgium, Kelsi is half American and half Norwegian. She is the co-founder of Leela Yoga Studio in the heart of Oslo, Norway. She leads retreats internationally which focus on infusing the beauty of travel and the magic of yoga+inquiry. 

She is deeply inspired by the innate and subtle ability the body has to heal, trying to create a space for reflection, spontaneity and noticing the smallest of whispers of the body. Teaching and weaving together her many influences, dreams, earth medicine and feminine wisdom, her classes are filled with intention, curiosity and self-exploration. With an inquisitive heart, she loves to sequence classes that guide and empower her students to soften the nervous system through asana and to lean into presence and a nourishing self-expression. 

You'll always find her researching the next foodie place to eat and reading 4 books at the same time. The mountains heal her but she will never shy away from a good salty cry or a dip in the ocean.


Michelle Baker

Michelle Baker is a Holistic Mentor, Yoga Teacher, Ceremony Curator, Writer, Breathworker, and Reiki Master. Sweden is her home-base, but New York is her first home and where she began her journey into mindfulness and holistic living. She is the mama of the House of Alchemy, which encompasses Tiny Yoga Space and The Loft Space for Healing, which she recently opened with her partner in the Swedish west-coast surf town of Varberg. 

Michelle is a transformational mentor specializing in empowerment and self-worth; working with hundreds of women and men supporting them on their path of inner growth. Her work has taken her around the globe and most recently introduced her to collaborating with some wise, spirit seeking women creating and leading international retreats and trainings.

Coffee is her vice. Food and Ceremony are her medicine.